Crabtree Narrowboat Hire

crabtreeThe perfect antidote to modern life – relax and unwind on the beautiful 42 miles of tranquil, lock-free Lancaster Canal on the most contemporary of narrowboats.

Relax and slow down as you see the countryside from a totally different angle. Your biggest decision each day is whether to moor by a waterside pub, or explore the normally hidden delights of the towns and villages on your route.

Crabtree Narrowboat Hire is a small and friendly family-run narrowboat hire company based on the idyllic Lancaster Canal in the heart of Lancashire. “Luxury” is not normally the word used to describe a narrowboat but then our boats -all named after trees- are not normal, not off-the-peg. At Crabtree Narrowboat Hire each of our boats is bespoke. We currently operate 3 boats from our base at Barton Grange Marina. “Willow” is a 44 foot boat, “Mulberry” a 57 foot boat and “Linden” (another 44 foot boat).