A little down time

Dear Narrowboating for Beginners readers,

I thought I’d take an opportunity to wish one and all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. I’m also taking a little down time while I recover from the surgery I underwent Dec. 14. I’m in great shape, considering I had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction because of a cancer diagnosis in October. It came out of the blue and has interrupted my plans to promote my latest book, Cycling the Canals of Britain. Of course I wanted the book to be the hit of the holidays, but life happens.

I hope to get back to updating Narrowboating for Beginners for 2018 after the first of the year. Although most of the book remains relevant, I plan to update it with more examples of different sorts of locks and bridges, techniques for dealing with a canal that’s gone dry, more safety advice and updates on the general state of the waterways.

Until then, however, I plan to take it easy and start the planning for our 2018 cruise of the Mon & Brec.

Jennifer Petkus

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